Frequently Asked Questions

How and why does it work so well?

Who invented clean & simple™?

Is there any surface I should not apply clean & simple™ to?

Why did the Distributor who came to my door tell me that I had to order clean & simple™ right then and there? Why couldn't he leave a business card or brochure and then come back later, after we thought about it?

If clean & simple™ is so great, why is it not available at retail stores?

What makes a cleaning product environmentally safe and why should I care?

If I do decide to order right away, how do I know that I am getting the same product that the salesperson demonstrated to me and when can I expect delivery of my initial order?

What if I really like this product and want to reorder more in the future? How do I go about getting more when your company's Customer Service office is in South Lake Tahoe, California?

Does Sierra Solutions offer a "money back guarantee"?

I called your Customer Service number and after a short message it went to voice mail. Are you a real company?

I Googled your company and I found a few complaints about you and/or yours sales reps on the internet. I'm curious, what exactly is Sierra Solutions customer satisfaction percentage?

I'm really a big fan of your company and its products. Can I become a Distributor?

I was very impressed by the in-home demonstration of clean & simple™ and just had to have it!