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All-Purpose clean & simple AND... Q64 Disinfectant Concentrate! šŸ”„

    All-Purpose clean & simple AND... Q64 Disinfectant Concentrate! šŸ”„

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    This special includes the following:

    ā€¢ One full gallon of ourĀ world-famous clean & simpleā„¢ SUPER CLEANER concentrate,Ā which will make 64 one-quart spray bottles of an excellent, Earth-Friendly, non-toxic, multi-purpose cleaner!

    ā€¢ One full gallon ofĀ Q-64 Disinfectant Cleaner and DeodorizerĀ concentrate that will make a total of 256 one-quart spray bottles ofĀ EPA Registered, surface disinfectant/sanitizer to help you keep your home, business, or organization safe and sanitary!Ā YES! This product is certified to kill a multitude of other germs and pathogens!

    ā€¢Ā One full gallon ofĀ Mountain Airā„¢ FoamingĀ Hand Soap.Ā A high foaming RTU type of hand soap that isĀ green in color, smooth, and infused with aĀ mountain fresh fragrance.Ā Mountain Airā„¢ FoamingĀ Hand Soap is blended with mild, high foaming surfactants, and skin conditioning agents formulated to provide a pleasant yet effective hand cleaning product. Mountain Airā„¢ FoamingĀ Hand Soap is designed for use in homes, schools, hospitals, doctor/dentist ofļ¬ces, restaurants, and nursing homes where eliminating the spread of bacteria is very important. Mountain Airā„¢ FoamingĀ Hand Soap contains skin conditioning agents and emollients to moisturize the skin as it cleans, even with regular and repeated use.
    Ā Ā 
    ā€¢ One 10Ā Count Box of world-famous and original N95 masks.
    ā€¢Ā We are also including a customĀ clean & simpleā„¢Ā quart mixing/dispensing bottle with a trigger sprayer, as well as a custom mixing/dispensing bottle and trigger sprayer for theĀ Q-64 Disinfectant!

    Purchased individually all of these items would cost you $213!

    The good news is that we are offering all of these items anywhere in the contiguous USA for just $169.96 total! That's a savings of $67 off of our regular pricing!!!


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