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Home Essentials Basic Soap Pack + One Box of 3-Ply Mask (50 count)!!
Home Essentials Basic Soap Pack + One Box of 3-Ply Mask (50 count)!!
Home Essentials Basic Soap Pack + One Box of 3-Ply Mask (50 count)!!
Home Essentials Basic Soap Pack + One Box of 3-Ply Mask (50 count)!!

    Home Essentials Basic Soap Pack + One Box of 3-Ply Mask (50 count)!!

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    Every home needs quality hand soap, laundry detergent, and dish soap! This "home essentials basic soap pack" includes all three of the following...
     One full gallon of Tahoe Blue™ Premium Lotion Hand Soap... a traditional lotion type hand soap that is blue in color, smooth, and infused with a pleasant fragrance. Tahoe Blue™ Premium Lotion Hand Soap is blended with mild, high foaming surfactants, and skin conditioning agents formulated to provide a pleasant yet effective hand cleaning product. Tahoe Blue™ Premium Lotion Hand Soap is designed for use in homes, schools, hospitals, doctor/dentist offices, restaurants, and nursing homes where eliminating the spread of bacteria is very important. It also contains an emollient to moisturize the skin as it cleans, even with regular and repeated use. One gallon of Tahoe Blue™ will dispense enough product for a total of 512 separate hand washings!
     One full gallon of GREEN MOUNTAIN™ Super Concentrated Laundry Detergent.  A naturally-derived laundry detergent made primarily from replenishable natural resources (coconuts), that is tough on dirt and stains yet is gentle on your clothes and linens. We have used the power of nature to create a deep cleaning formula that outperforms the leading national brands at removing odors, stains, and dirt. You don’t have to sacrifice cleaning performance to be environmentally responsible. Our unique formula contains special soil chelating agents that penetrate the cloth fibers during the wash and rinse cycles to help prevent dirt from re-depositing on the clothes and linens. Highly concentrated, each gallon of GREEN MOUNTAIN™ will do 128 normal size wash loads!
    • One full gallon of SQUEAKY CLEAN™ Dish Soap! Excellent for use on pots, pans, dishes, and flatware. Use with confidence in residential and commercial settings.                                                                                                                                     
    FEATURES & BENEFITS                                                                                                                  
    • Environmentally Friendly (plus a larger container helps reduce plastic waste)
    • Excellent on Grease and Food Soils
    • Super Concentrated - A Little Goes a Long Way
    • Economical to Use
    • Fast Acting
    • No Artificial Dyes
    • Gentle on Hands
    • Pleasant Fresh Citrus/Orange Scent                                                                                  

    REMEMBER:... “It’s not clean unless it’s SQUEAKY CLEAN!”™
    This "home essentials basic soap" pack also includes a separate pump for each gallon of product. We are also throwing in a box of M HOMEN 3-PLY DISPOSABLE FACE MASK-50 Count valued at $21.96 for free with this order. 

    Purchased individually all of these items would cost you $103.00. We are offering all of these items now for just $74.96! That's a savings of $28.00!


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