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Cleaning essentials for all areas of your home or business. Concentrated clean & simple™ for all-purpose cleaning, Q64 Disinfectant for disinfecting kitchens and bathrooms, CONQUER™ ODOR DESTROYER to eliminate bad odors, HONEY BEE™ Leather Conditioner for restoring leather items.
Every Day's Earth Day Special! SAVE OVER $75!!!
Every Day's Earth Day Special! SAVE OVER $75!!!

    Every Day's Earth Day Special! SAVE OVER $75!!!

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    Help eliminate single use plastic bottles being disposed of in landfills by using our highly concentrated products! 

    This offer includes:

    • One gallon of our world-famous clean & simple™ SUPER CLEANER concentrate (+ a one-quart mixing and dispensing bottle with sprayer). It makes 64 one-quart spray bottles of excellent Earth-Friendly general-purpose, multi-surface cleaner! You can also use this product in carpet shampooers and pressure washers!

    • One gallon of Q-64 Disinfectant Cleaner & Deodorizer concentrate (+ a one-quart mixing and dispensing bottle with sprayer). This is an EPA registered product that kills 99%+ of germs and viruses. Highly concentrated, each gallon makes 256 quarts of ready-to-use disinfectant.

    • One gallon of CONQUER™ Odor Destroyer (+ a one-quart dispensing bottle with sprayer). SAFE FOR ANY SURFACE THAT YOU CAN APPLY WATER TO! This product is a combination of living bacteria and enzymes, which attack malodor causing solids such as grease, fats, proteins, carbohydrates, and sugars instantly eliminating offensive odors. It attacks these odor-causing agents at their source and digests grease and organic waste naturally.

    • Eliminate pet stain odors from carpeting and rooms.
    • Remove cigarette/cigar/cannabis smoke residue from draperies, carpet, cloth furniture, and auto interiors.
    • Neutralize offensive restroom odors from floors, fixtures, and the air.
    • Deodorize unpleasant bathroom and kitchen sink drains (including garbage disposals).
    • Freshen stinky washing machines and dishwashers.
    • Nullify trash can and dumpster malodors.
    • Revitalize child car seats and strollers.
    • Refresh boots and shoes.

    • One pint of our Honey Bee™ Leather Cream. Blended from Australian bee's wax, mink oil, and special soaps. Excellent for cleaning and conditioning  all types of leather surfaces.

    REMEMBER: The majority of our products are highly concentrated, therefore they offer excellent cost savings and value. If you ordered all of these products individually, you would pay over $196! For our Spring Cleaning Special, we are offering this entire selection for only $119.96 plus shipping! That's a savings of over $75!!! All items are in stock and ready to ship from our warehouse in Sparks, Nevada! 

    This special cannot be combined with any other offer, special, or discount code! Thank you for being a customer!


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