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Got Tarnish?

by Heather Gessner on February 06, 2020
Do you have something that looks a bit tarnished? 
It's 2020 now... it's time to polish away that tarnish! 
Here are some before, during and after photos of a candelabra and tea set, sent in to us by one of our very kind and longtime customers Ms. Valerie P. 
She used our exclusive product... Shine™ all metal super polish and she was absolutely amazed at the final result! 
Make sure to scroll all the way to the last picture! 
(below is a before picture)


Shine™ is an excellent all-metal super polish that will, with minimal effort, remove tarnish and oxidation from virtually any metal surface (without scratching) and restore your metal surfaces to their original lustre! 
Shine™ works great on:
  • brass fixtures
  • copper pots and pans
  • sterling silver
  • and any truly tarnished surface!
(now... the after picture)

Nice huh?!

(below is a before picture)
Below this looks like a before and after... the tray has been polished and the pot has not! 

Get ready for the grand finale...

  the last picture is amazing...


grab some sunglasses... this is shiny! 

So shiny that it is reflecting on the wall!! 

So, if you have some tarnish and you don't like it, place an order for some Shine™ all metal super polish today!

Thank you again Valerie for taking the time to take and send in these photos! We really appreciate it!!
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