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How to use PORRADA™ Ultimate Gi Wash to wash your Jiu-Jitsu Gear

by Heather Gessner on February 20, 2024

If you have PORRADA™ ULTIMATE GI WASH the recommended usage is 2 oz. per gi, you can follow these steps to clean the blood, sweet and tears (from your opponents) out of your jiu-jitsu rashguards and gis:

  1. Preparation:

    • Fill your washing machine with cold water.

    • Measure 2 ounces of the PORRADA™ ULTIMATE GI WASH per gi that you are washing. Follow the instructions on the product label to ensure proper usage.
  3. Add the Gi Wash to the Machine:

    • Add the measured amount of PORRADA™ ULTIMATE GI WASH directly into the washing machine. If possible, allow the detergent to mix with the water before adding your jiu-jitsu gear. 
  4. Add Jiu-Jitsu Gear:

    • Place your rash guards and gis into the washing machine.
  5. Washing:

    • Set your washing machine to a gentle or delicate cycle with cold water. Avoid using hot water, as it may cause shrinkage and damage to the fabric.
  6. Extra Rinse (Optional):

    • If your washing machine has an extra rinse option, consider using it to ensure that all detergent residues are thoroughly removed from your gear.
  7. Hang Dry:

    • Once the washing cycle is complete, promptly hang dry your jiu-jitsu gear. Avoid using a dryer, as high heat can damage the fabric and affect the effectiveness of the PORRADA™ ULTIMATE GI WASH.
  8. Sunlight Exposure (Optional):

    • If possible, expose your gear to direct sunlight for natural antibacterial benefits and to help eliminate any lingering odors.

By following these steps and using the recommended amount of PORRADA™ ULTIMATE GI WASH, you will be able to effectively clean and remove the stink from your jiu-jitsu rashguards and gis.

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