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Introducing PORRADA™ Ultimate Gi Wash: Unleash the Power of Clean

by Heather Gessner on October 21, 2023

Do you train in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or any other combat sport, and find it challenging to keep your Gi, rash guard, and training attire fresh, clean, and looking sharp? If you're tired of typical retail detergents that fail to get the job done, we have the ultimate solution for you. Say goodbye to perma-stink and mat funk with PORRADA™ Ultimate Gi Wash!

After months of dedicated research and testing, we are thrilled to introduce a game-changer in the world of Gi care – PORRADA™ Ultimate Gi Wash. This unique, concentrated detergent is purpose-built to tackle the demands of Jiu-Jitsu and other martial arts apparel, leaving your gear in its prime condition.

So, what makes PORRADA™ Ultimate Gi Wash stand out? Let's explore the features and benefits that set this product apart:

Earth Friendly

We understand the importance of sustainability, which is why our formula is primarily derived from plant-based surfactants. You can keep your Gi clean and the planet happy with PORRADA™.

Clean Rinse Formula

PORRADA™ Ultimate Gi Wash doesn't just mask odors; it eliminates them, ensuring that your training attire comes out of the wash truly refreshed.

Eliminates Perma-Stink

Say goodbye to stubborn odors that seem impossible to remove. PORRADA™ is here to tackle even the most persistent stenches.

High Caliber Optical Brighteners

Our detergent contains no bleach or hydrogen peroxide, making it safe for all Gi fabrics and colors. It's designed to brighten and revitalize your training gear without compromising its integrity.

Combat Infection Exposure

In the world of combat sports, hygiene is critical. PORRADA™ helps control exposure to harmful bacteria like Staph, MRSA, Ringworm, and more, ensuring you stay safe on the mats.


We are proud to declare that our product is not tested on animals. PORRADA™ is cruelty-free and developed with ethical principles in mind.

Versatile for All Washing Machines

Whether you have a regular, top-loading, front-loading, or high-efficiency washing machine, PORRADA™ Ultimate Gi Wash is compatible with all, ensuring that everyone can experience its benefits.


While PORRADA™ might be slightly more expensive than store-bought detergents, it's important to consider the results it delivers. With just two ounces of detergent per Gi wash, each 1/2 gallon of PORRADA™ gives you 32 superior cleanings. That's about 63 cents per Gi wash – a small investment for a product that produces real, noticeable results.

Nobody enjoys rolling with the stinky Gi guy or girl. Don't let your training partners remember you for your unpleasant odor. Make the wise choice today and experience the difference that PORRADA™ Ultimate Gi Wash can bring to your training regimen.

With PORRADA™, you'll not only maintain the longevity and performance of your Gi and training attire but also leave a lasting impression of cleanliness and professionalism on the mat. Don't delay; order your PORRADA™ Ultimate Gi Wash today and unleash the power of clean in your martial arts journey. Your training partners will thank you!PORRADA™ Ultimate Gi Wash by Sierra Solutions

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