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Unlock the Power of GLEAM™: Transform Your Fleet's Image with Gleaming Brilliance!

by Heather Gessner on May 06, 2024

Dear Reno Tahoe Business Owners,

Is your fleet of commercial vehicles in need of a serious makeover? Do you want to maintain not just your vehicles but also your business image? Look no further than GLEAM™, the specially formulated solution designed to clean and brighten aluminum on fleets, leaving behind a clean and brilliant shine that will turn heads wherever you go.

Why Choose GLEAM™?

You've invested significant resources into building your fleet and your brand image. GLEAM™ is here to ensure that investment pays off by keeping your vehicles looking pristine and professional. Whether it's trucks, tankers, trailers, or oil refinery and dairy equipment, GLEAM™ is your go-to solution.

Easy to Use, Exceptional Results

Using GLEAM™ is simple yet effective. Dilute one part of GLEAM™ with twenty parts water for regular cleaning tasks. For heavily soiled surfaces, adjust the dilution accordingly. Apply the diluted mixture from the bottom up, allowing it to work its magic until a foam blanket occurs. Then, rinse with water and witness the transformation.

Free Bonus: One-Quart Trigger Sprayer Bottle

As a bonus, every order of GLEAM™ comes with a one-quart trigger sprayer bottle for easy mixing and dispensing. Need more? Just let us know, and we'll ensure you have all the tools you need to maintain your fleet with ease.

Prepare to Be Amazed

The results speak for themselves. GLEAM™ leaves behind a clean, brilliant shine on most surfaces, elevating the appearance of your fleet and boosting your business's overall image. And now, for a limited time, you can enjoy all these benefits at a discounted price:

  • Regular Price: $329.96
  • Sale Price: $199.96

Don't miss out on this opportunity to transform your fleet's appearance and make a lasting impression on your customers and competitors alike. Order your supply of GLEAM™ today and prepare to be amazed!

To place your order or learn more, contact us at 530-541-8649.


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