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Wow! I just watched a demonstration of your product clean & simple™. It's an amazing product! How and why does it work so well?

clean & simple™ is a unique product that contains no acids, bleaches, ammonia or petroleum distillates, yet works extremely well on most any water-washable surface. Here's our best simple explanation of how our product works:

clean & simple™ is professionally blended at a manufacturing facility located in Southern California. This site blends together a unique combination of green chemicals including plant derived ingredients (that's right clean & simple™ is blended primarily from coconuts, soybeans and pine trees) that accomplish two things:

1. clean & simple™ has an exclusive and proprietary combination of ionic and non-ionic surfactants that radically reduce the surface tension of water. In other words, when mixed with water, the diluted product becomes much wetter than water! This allows the diluted product to soak deep into whatever it is that you're cleaning, allowing the second step to take place.

2. Low impact emulsifiers and lifters liquefy and suspend your dirt and stains and allow them to be easily wiped or scrubbed away with minimal effort!

Keep in mind that even though clean & simple™ is an awesome cleaning product, it was designed to be safe to handle and use on a wide variety of surfaces. In other words, there are no "hardcore" ingredients in our product! Because of this, we recommend that you give the product a little time to work on your tougher cleaning chores. It should also be noted that most of our Distributors are very experienced at using clean & simple™ and know which demonstrations will be the most striking and impressive to our customers.


Who invented clean & simple™?

The short answer is: clean & simple™ was formulated by a Chemical Engineer from Southern California after an extensive amount of input from the owner of Sierra Solutions. The back story is as follows: In 1994 the owner and founder of Sierra Solutions, John Brooks, was intent on launching his own chemical direct sales company. Mr. Brooks had already spent 14 years in the business and had seen and tested just about every type of cleaning concentrate available to the consumer at that time. Some of these products excelled in some departments yet failed in others. Mr. Brooks was adamant that the final product that would be available to our customers, is one that he and his sales personnel would be proud to sell and distribute. With that thought in mind, Mr. Brooks made a decision to seek out a respected and fabled Chemical Engineer in the Southern California area who specialized in the design and formulation of cleaning products and compounds. In their initial meeting, Mr. Brooks laid out specific minimum guidelines for a final concentrated liquid product that could be diluted with water and used to clean virtually any water washable surface. Those guidelines would be as follows:

• The product would have to be environmentally responsible.

• The product would have to be an effective cleaner on a wide array of surfaces.

• The product would have to be safe and easy to use (it can be applied to any surface that water can be applied to).

• The product would have to be simple to use... preferably needing to be mixed at only two separate dilution's to clean 99% of surfaces.

• The product would have to be cost effective (save our customers money).

One of the conundrums of developing an all purpose cleaning concentrate is that while you certainly want an effective product that works well... you don't want a product that could potentially damage any surfaces. In other words you need a product that will be very effective on on the tougher cleaning chores yet gentle on delicate surfaces.

All of the aforementioned was taken carefully into consideration and after a period of time several samples were presented to Mr. Brooks for testing and consideration. After three months of assessment, evaluation and reformulation... a final formula was chosen and clean & simple™ was born!

Since 1994 we have strengthened and enhanced clean & simple™ on four separate occasions. We will always continue to seek out any new and improved formulations and/or technologies that we feel could help us continue to provide our customers with what we believe is the best all around, all-purpose, all-surface, liquid cleaning concentrate available for the consumer today!


Is there any surface I should not apply clean & simple™ to?

Silk, satin or suede or any surface that you would not feel comfortable applying water to (the concentrate is blended with water). We also do not recommend spraying clean & simple™ directly onto old paper wallpaper. The combination of surfactants in the product will cause the diluted product to quickly soak through the paper and loosen/dissolve the glue. Some customers have written in and told us that they have used clean & simple™ specifically for that purpose! 


Why did the Distributor who came to my door tell me that I had to order clean simple™ right then and there? Why couldn't he leave a business card or brochure and then come back later, after we thought about it?

In regard to the Distributor not leaving any literature regarding the product or checking back in with you "later": We don't advocate them doing so simply because the main focus of our business is the direct sale. In other words, the primary income for our company and Distributors is the direct sales of our products. Our WEB and reorder business is an important part of our business, yet the only way the Distributors make a commission from a reorder is if you place your initial order through them. If we did it any other way, we would just have people hand out business cards and brochures all day! -- time consuming and not very profitable.


If clean & simple™ is so great, why is it not available at retail stores?

You must consider that a nationwide retail launch of a product like ours would be considerably expensive and cost-prohibitive. Just about every major retailer would insist on some form of national advertising campaign and a minimum yearly gross sales guarantee. To be very candid, we could not afford it!

For now we are happy to have a small company that provides quality, cost-effective products for the public, through direct sales and our reorder business. And we might add that using our products is much more cost-effective than purchasing typical cleaning products retail!

Last, but not least, let's also remember some other companies, much larger than ours, that offer fine-quality products through direct sales: Amway, Mary Kay Cosmetics, Avon, Electrolux Vacuum Cleaners and CutCo Cutlery, to name just a few!


What makes a cleaning product environmentally safe and why should I care?

Environmentally safe cleaning products are products used to clean, deodorize, and/or disinfect that are less damaging to the environment and safer for humans and pets than conventional cleaning products. Unlike many well-known household cleaners, which contain potentially toxic chemicals such as bleaches, phosphates, formaldehyde (suspected carcinogen), methylene chloride (known carcinogen and neurotoxin), paradichlorobenzene and naphthalene (both suspected carcinogens), petroleum, mineral spirits, and sulfuric acid, just to name a few, some environmentally safe cleaning products are made with ingredients such as fruit and vegetable extracts, natural enzymes, vinegar, essential oils, vegetable oil extracts, xanthan gum, organic salts, and other natural ingredients as well as some low impact chemicals.

In 1989, the Environmental Protection Agency announced that the toxic chemicals found in everyday household cleaning products are three times more likely to cause cancer than are other air pollutants. Not every household cleaning product on the market contains potentially harmful ingredients; in fact, some manufacturers are modifying their products to be more environmentally and user safe. However, the Clean Water Fund estimates that the average American uses about 40 pounds of toxic household cleaning products each year, while other estimates are higher. These cleaning products contain dangerous ingredients, including neurotoxins, carcinogens, allergens, central nervous system depressants, heavy metals, and other agents that cause or contribute to cancer, respiratory problems, reproductive abnormalities, allergic reactions, kidney and liver damage, fatigue, and behavioral problems, among other issues. Ingredients from household cleaning products make their way into the environment through various routes: they are flushed down toilets, poured down sinks, sprayed into the air, thrown into the trash, and dumped onto the ground. In fact, many hazardous cleaning products are landfilled or incinerated, upon which they release their toxins into the environment and contribute to depletion of the ozone layer, pollute groundwater, contaminate soil and rivers, and harm plant and animal life.

Environmentally safe cleaning products can be substituted for many of the toxic products on the market. Sales of environmentally safe cleaning products increased 19 percent to more than $36 million between July 2002 and July 2003, according to SPINS, a San Francisco-based marketing research and consulting firm. These sales represent a very small portion of the more than $4 billion household cleaner market, according to, but the numbers of environmentally safe product sales are expected to rise as consumers become more aware and concerned about the effects of toxic household products on their health and the environment.

A growing number of manufacturers such as Sierra Solutions are offering consumers environmentally safe cleaning agents or modifying existing products to be safer.


If I do decide to order right away, how do I know that I am getting the same product that the salesperson demonstrated to me and when can I expect delivery of my initial order?

We are dedicated to your satisfaction and we guarantee our products to work 100%. If you would like, we will be happy to have the Distributor who demonstrated clean & simple™ to you remix your order of clean & simple™ at a General Purpose dilution of 15:1 and re-demonstrate on any surface of your choice! Fair enough? As far as delivery of your initial order placed with our sales rep... you can expect same day delivery! The sales rep will give you a copy of your sales receipt which will have a one hour window of time that you can expect your order to conveniently be delivered to you the very same day. Occasionally and rarely if a sales team sells out of product on hand, they may contact you and ask if it would be acceptable to deliver the following day. Once again this is a rare occurrence and we recommend that if you do not receive same day delivery of your order, that you place a call (that very same day) to our customer service phone # 530.541.8649 expressing your concern. Please do not wait more than 24 hours to contact us in regard to non-deliveries.


What if I really like this product and want to reorder more in the future? How do I go about getting more when your company's Customer Service office is in South Lake Tahoe, California?

First and foremost, we appreciate your initial order and we will work hard to keep your repeat business. Since you're reading this online right now you probably have regular or convenient access to this site. Place your reorder here and we will ship you your products via UPS Ground!

We are also proud to offer telephone reordering for customers. Give us a call at 530.541.8649 and we'll get you taken care of!

Last but not least... and if you prefer, you can mail us a post card or a short letter to our Customer Service office in South Lake Tahoe along with your mailing address and we will snail mail you everything you need. Thank you for being a customer. You are appreciated!

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