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SURE-GRIP NO-SLIP™ Premium Floor Cleaner-Enzyme Grease Eliminator-Drain Maintenance

    SURE-GRIP NO-SLIP™ Premium Floor Cleaner-Enzyme Grease Eliminator-Drain Maintenance

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    SURE-GRIP NO-SLIP™ Premium Floor Cleaner is our industrial grade floor cleaner. Designed to reduce slip and fall accidents and proven to increase floor friction by attacking grease and oil that can create unsafe slippery surfaces.

    Use as a daily cleaning solution for removing greasy buildup by using bio-enzymatic technology along with traditional cleaning agents to break down all types of greases and oils.

    Contains active enzymes that continue to work after application to help minimize further grease accumulation and hazardous conditions.

    For use on the following floor types:

    • Concrete

    • Porcelain & Ceramic Tile

    • Terrazzo

    • Epoxy

    • Acrylic

    • Formica

    • Vinyl

    Not Recommended for Use on Marble. Does Not Require a Final Rinse!

    Peace of Mind While you Clean. You deserve it!

    Consult with your Sierra Solutions rep in regard to dilution recommendations. Use with cool or warm water not exceeding 130 ° (to avoid killing the enzymes). Apply generously with a mop to the floor surface. Allow to stand for 5 minutes. Use a long-handled, stiff bristle brush to scrub the floor and loosen grease and soil load. Squeegee excess water into the floor drain. DO NOT RINSE! Allow to air dry.

    The enzymes will continue to work!

    If you are interested in ordering 24 boxes (1/2 pallet) or more of this product, please call our customer service number at 530.541.8649 to discuss volume discounts and pricing.


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